How The Simple Chocolate Diet Works

The Simple Chocolate Diet is a sensible and nutritious eating plan that allows you to eat nutritious healthy dark chocolate along with a flexible and healthy eating plan.  We designed The Simple Chocolate Diet so it can lead to healthy weight loss and long term health. This program is simple and easy for anyone to implement.

The Simple Chocolate Diet will help you:

  • Lose weight while eating Healthy Dark Chocolate
  • Minimizes hunger
  • Transform your physique
  • Detox
  • Maintain normal energy levels
  • Re-regulate your metabolic system
  • Burn fat and maintain muscle

The Simple Chocolate Diet is also Diabetic Safe.

We Want You To Be Healthy

The Simple Chocolate Diet will focus on good portions, preparation and timing, and of course, our healthy dark chocolates.

Dieting can be difficult. Choosing a diet can be difficult as well. The Simple Chocolate Diet provides a learning experience.  What happens is, the Simple Chocolate Diet teaches individuals how to shop, how to cook and how to eat properly so you visually look at the food that you’re making so you can completely understand what it takes to have a healthy diet. We won’t sell you a pre-packaged meal.  We want to show you that you don’t have to be excluded from the good foods. In fact, we want to educate you that you don’t have to be excluded from the good restaurants. We want to educate you on how to make smart decisions at home and outside of home. Our goal is to help educate you to help you make better choices so you can live a long, healthy life.

By incorporating our healthy chocolates into a sensible eating plan, we can accomplish a few goals. Most people struggle with sugar cravings when they diet, but by incorporating our healthy chocolate with its great nutrient profile, low sugars and low fats, we can eliminate all the extra fat-containing calories from the snack that most people will want to consume.

Millions of people diet every year unsuccessfully.  There are many reasons for this to occur. However, the Simple Chocolate Diet makes it very easy to follow. The diet itself will induce a fat loss effect. But what makes it more compliable is that we have a chocolate, a dessert system that can be taken throughout the day. And our dessert system, our sweet snack, is not only good tasting but it’s good for you.

We’ve been conditioned to consume an unhealthy amount of sugar throughout the day. The body is actually designed to use sugar for energy.  When dieting, something that normally happens is, energy levels drop. We’ve developed a product named Pure Energy. Pure Energy can be taken anytime throughout the Simple Chocolate Diet. You can take it whenever you want or need it. Pure Energy contains a number of natural ingredients.  One is L-Arginine; it’s an amino acid which helps to convert some of the metabolites in the blood, some waste product, into urea. It also helps maintain muscle tissue. For the man, it’s good for big muscles and for women, it shows the figure.  We also have a natural level of caffeine in Pure Energy. Caffeine helps the body increase in energy levels and slowly brings it back down when the supplement’s done working. It also has B-12 to help facilitate energy and potassium to help alleviate cramps. Therefore, Pure Energy is a great product to take during the Simple Chocolate Diet.

We have also included our Daily Optimizer in the Simple Chocolate Diet. By using Daily Optimizer, it will assist the body in removing toxins during the diet.  It will induce a hormonal balance leaving you feeling good, reduce joint pain and muscle aches, increase the immune system response, keeping you from getting sick and also leave you with an overall sense of well being. It is a crucial component of the Simple Chocolate Diet.